Student (m/f/d) for a mandatory internship in the field of research & development

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We’re pioneering precision care for menstrual health. 

We’re developing a new method that doesn’t need a needle, appointments, specialized staff or clinical surrounding for collection.
Using menstrual blood , we're tracking health insights such as hormones and vitamins to provide you with unprecedented data.

Six out of ten women feel exhausted during menstruation and have no idea why. We generate reliable and regular data to measure improvement. By bridging this gap, we can foster a more equitable and empowered society for everyone.

Every product we offer includes a social contribution. Because, together with you, we strive to seize the opportunity each day to make the world a more equitable place, by investing in our advancements and scientific research.

Our shake is the ultimate companion designed to become an integral part of your menstrual cycle. We understand the unique needs of your body during this time, and our product is tailor-made to support your nutrient requirements throughout your cycle.

The support developed by scientists for less pain so you can stay in control of your health & cycle.

Our at-home menstrual blood check uncovers your menstrual blood composition.

  • 15-pages report with understandable, scientific advice on your cycle.

  • incl. nutritional recommendations and symptom management tips.

  • access to a unique scientific microscope image of your sample and a blood quality comparison from our community.

Do you know what's in your menstrual blood or why sometimes the colour of your blood is different one day to the next?

It's not something that we are taught about in school, that's for sure! With the period check, we will help you understand your menstrual blood and what it’s attributes can tell you about your menstrual health!

We are introducing a new biological sample to the diagnostic testing field - menstrual blood.

We envision our menstrual blood testing to be at the forefront of improving women’s healthcare. Through data generation we will aid in closing the gender data gap.

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