Consultant for a feasibility study for a digital platform in the field of participation in Iraq

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ToR for a Feasibility Study for a digital platform in the field of participation in Iraq

Elbarlament is searching for an expert for a feasibility study for a digital platform in the field of participation in Iraq.

The Promoting Dialogue and Participation (PDP) project aims to initiate, promote and establish dialogue and participation formats to facilitate the inclusive development of reform proposals in Iraq. The feasibility study for a digital platform in the field of participation examining the possibility to support the aims of the PDP project.


The consulting assignment encompass the following services:

  • Develop a concept for a feasibility study on the establishment of a digital platform in Iraq which enables better participation by citizens.
  • Conduct the feasibility study in close coordination with the PDP project and its Iraqi partner institutions.
  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of existing (open-source or for-profit) online platform tools for citizen engagement and participation (such as CONSUL, Adhocracy+, Citizen Lab).
  • Check the existing and needed conditions for the implementation and sustainable operation of the platform.
  • Prepare a roadmap for the development and operation of the platform.
  • Based on findings and the feasibility draft a concept for a potential platform which incl. target, target group, content, technical implementation etc.
  • Carry out informational sessions for the employees of Governmental Coordination and Citizens Affairs Department regarding all above mentioned activities.

Qualifications of the Expert

  • Education/training: University qualification (German ‘Diplom’/Master) in information technology, social science, political science, economics, media or any related field
  • Language: Good business language skills in English and German
  • Professional experience: 8-10 years’ experience in Digital Transformation Strategies, ICT Management, System and Organizational Analyses and Participatory Processes
  • Specific professional experience: 5 years in development and advisory on digital solutions in the governance sector and preferably in the field of citizen participation.
  • Development Cooperation experience: 5 years of experience in Development and Cooperation projects.
  • Others: Intercultural skills and very high political/diplomatic sensitivity especially in a fragile context.

Period of assignment: From 14.10.2022 until 14.04.2023.

On-site assignment in Iraq for 15 expert days.

Assignment in country of origin (home-based) for 35 expert days.

This project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

If you are interested in working with us, please send us your application by 28.09.2022 (including a CV and a short resume-we are screening incoming applications on a rolling basis) to .

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