Senior Partner Manager: Smart Charging

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Senior Partner Manager: Smart Charging

We are looking for a Partner Manager who are passionate about partner with companies within the automotive industry to offer exceptional smart charging product offerings.

Tibber is the first fully digital energy company in the world. We are also the only energy company with the mission to reduce the residential energy consumption in Europe by 20%, and let all homes use energy in a sustainable way. We are constantly challenging the dinosaurs in the market by using new technology and fresh ideas.

We have tens of thousands connected electric cars, heat pumps and smart home devices that the Tibber platform controls for our customers in order to optimise, and reduce their consumption and cost. Tibber has partnerships with some of the largest car manufacturers, and charger manufacturers in the world. Hundreds of thousands of customers love and rely on our smart charging service, and Tibber is in the forefront of the electrification of Europe.

To make sure we set the stage for how we work with product partners, we are now looking for a Senior Partner Manager who will focus on developing exciting value propositions and smart charging services. We are looking for a person who has passion for electrification and what smart technology can do to empower our customers. You will collaborate and build relationships with senior stakeholders at the most exciting OEM’s in the world.. You will be a vital part of the Tibber futures smart charging is at the core of what Tibber offers and integrations makes that happen.

What the role entails 

  • Lead the process of securing new OEM partnerships From opening doors to landing new partnerships. 
  • Represent Tibber and present value propositions to Partners. Collaborate with OEM partners to develop smart product integrations and commercial models.
  • Stakeholder management and building relationships with C-level stakeholders at OEM manufacturers (car manufacturers, charger manufacturers, e-mobility companies)
  • Working with Tibber organisation to succeed long term with the partnerships
  • Work with the Partner success team to secure long term partner success
  • Improve the structure and overall “way of working” with partners going forward.

This is you! 

We are looking for a people person who are passionate about working with partners to offer exceptional product offerings.

  • You have several years of experience of working with partnerships or business development within the automotive industry (car/charger manufacturers), hardware or software companies. 
  • You have an interest in renewables, electrification of vehicles and what smart technology does to empower the customers to reduce energy consumption.  
  • You are a people person that thrive in building trusting relationships with stakeholders in partner organisations.  
  • You have knowledge of the automotive industry, smart charging, V2G, grid services, batteries etc.  
  • Having an established network within the automotive industry is a plus. 

Tibber Culture

The Tibber team is growing in a fast pace! Our offices are located in Stockholm, Helsinki, Berlin, Oslo and Førde. For us it is not an issue being in different workspaces physically, we are always connected through live streaming screens. Annually though, we do gather the work force physically doing a pop-up office – to work, explore a new city and spend time together. 

We work passionately with sustainability and a circular approach, both with our own products and in the entire ecosystem that is affected with everything we do.

Aside from making the world a better place within serious matters as green energy and sustainability, we are playful as well! Take a closer look at our own product Tibber Pulse, and you’ll find both Han Solo, Chewbacca and our names on the PCB. We know, it might be looked upon as both nerdy and cheesy – but we love it! We have a  “no shoe” policy at the office which enhance the feeling of coming home, but also result in a great opportunity when it comes to showing off your slipper fashion range. We believe creative people work better without shoes. The well known facts that all people are different, and far from everyone is a morning person – are the very reasons why we work with flexible work hours. 

We are very proud of being a mission driven startup with thousands and thousands of new users every month. The majority of our investors are proudly represented by Tibber employees, Silicon Valley based Founders Fund, Balderton Capital, Summa Equity, Eight Roads Ventures and more. 

Join our Tibber Tribe, it will be an adventure!

Team Locations Amsterdam, Berlin, Førde, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki Remote status Hybrid Remote
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